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Basic FTL Colony Ship by Jburns272
Basic FTL Colony Ship
Basic Colony Ship
Manufacturer: Various
Wet Mass: 3000t
Dry Mass: 1500t
Mass Ratio: 2
Length: 24m
Height: 25m
Capacity: 1000 people
- Alcubierre FTL Drive (300t)
- NSWR (33t)

Basic FTL Colony Ship is the simplest method of establishing extrasolar colonies in an economic environment that makes FTL drives prohibitively expensive to build. The Colony ship primarily consists of a habitat ring (which also houses the propellant tanks) surrounding an Alcubierre FTL Drive. A nuclear salt water rocket (NSWR) at the end of the ship provides intra-system propulsion. NSWRs use water as propellant, rather than hydrogen; this results in smaller propellant tanks, allowing the ship to fit within the FTl drive's warp bubble.

These ships are only intended to make a single voyage. A typical mission for one of these colony ships is as follows:
1) The colony ship loads its colonists in Earth orbit and departs with at least one accompanying cargo transport. The cargo transport carries equipment that the new colony will need, such as modular building kits, livestock embryos, 3D printers, generators, electrolysis equipment, and perhaps most importantly, one (usually two) STO (surface to orbit) spaceplane.
These ships then travel to their destination.

2) Once at their destination, the cargo transport will unload the STO transports first. These will then ferry the colonists and their equipment to the planet's surface. Any unused propellant in the colony ship will often be used to fuel the STO transports.
Towards the end of this process, the colony ship's FTL drive (and often the NSWR with it) are detached from their support struts. the drive is then loaded into the cargo transport which will return it to Earth. The struts and fuel lines can then form the basis of docking support for future spacecraft.

3) Once the colony is set up on the surface, the cargo transport departs for Earth with it's first valuable cargo from the colony. The former colony ship now serves as the colony's space station.


I've had this idea for a little while and thought I'd put it out there.
I was hoping I would get enough time to put this up before I fly out. Comments and thoughts very welcome. :)
Toudaiyama Outpost by Jburns272
Toudaiyama Outpost
Toudaiyama is one of several outposts on Ryusei. The name comes from the nearby mountain where the residents plan on building an observatory.

This satellite image was taken four months after the colonists first arrived. The colony still consists of three prefab habitat modules, each housing 50 colonists, plus one more module to store heavy equipment. Each habitat module provides 6804m^2 of solar panels as well as an equal amount of land for growing crops. The equipment module provides a further 13,608m^2 of solar panels. The panels from the equipment module have been moved together for convenience. This process is just beginning on the northern habitat module. this will ease future expansion of the settlement.

These colony modules drop to the surface from orbit as per my previous idea regarding colony ships.


It's been an eventful past few months. My wife and I bought our first home together back in May and we had to furnish it; it was partially furnished, by which I mean there was a floor toilets and doors. My school was a few teachers down for summer as well, which meant a much busier time. It was our first anniversary yesterday as well I am a dummy! Heart . We are also going back to my home country(ies?) next week.
I managed to finish this a little while ago but forgot about uploading it. I figured I just had some time to do that now before we fly out. Otherwise I'd have to wait another month.
Or at least severely throttled. For the past few weeks I've had trouble getting onto Deviant art. According to (…) , I should be able to access this site. ( and my computers (from several different locations, not just at home) say otherwise. I can get on with my VPN (as I'm doing now) but that's a pain especially since it seems to cut out every 10 mins.

This may sound like an odd request considering where I'm making it but is there anyone else around in China who's had similar problems? Or anyone who might know more than me?
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Joshua Burns
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
People's Republic of China
Current Residence: Inner Mongolia, China

I'm a NZ-born astrophysics graduate but I'm also interested in East Asian calligraphy and painting. I'm currently teaching English here in Inner Mongolia.
I want to become much better at calligraphy so I'm happy to receive any and all comments and feedback.

はじめまして、私は助守和(ジョシュワ)です。 ニュージーランドで生まれて、大学で天体物理学を勉強しました。私は今日本で英語を教えています。書道にも水墨画にも興味があります。^^

Nau mai. Haere mai. Tēnā Kōtou. Ko Joshua tōku ingoa. Nō Kirikiriroa ā Aotearoa au.

:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3: Dinosaur Stamp by Leafbreeze7 STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz So Many Books by LaPurr stamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-Niht

Contact: (Say you saw me on deviantart)
QQ: 1465746422
Skype: j.burns272

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